Park Rules

Motorcycling is an active sport involving motor vehicles and we keep a very close eye on the track and more particularly the Pit area as this is where a lot of smaller riders tend to congregate.

All Riders must sign in at the registration office before riding at the park.


We give a warning and if you do not slow down and if we have to tell you again, we will ask you to leave and no refund.

Ride Direction – currently the track is set up in and runs in an Anti-clockwise direction.

Do not ride the track backwards

No illegal drugs, firearms, or weapons are allowed on the property.  No person may be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substances that may hinder thinking ability or reaction time. 

Speed limit for everyone is walking pace in the parking and pit areas.

Riders must stay on the tracks and off the grass. We do not allow riders to cut tracks or make new ones.

Helmets must be worn at all times when ATV/dirt bike/side x side is in motion.  This includes in the parking and pit area.

Everyone is required to wear correct riding clothes and closed shoes or boots.

We ask that all parents supervise their children.

Accident procedure

In the event of an accident or breakdown, we have placed track markers with numbers on them. If and when you come across a rider who needs assistance, make note of the next marker you come across and report it immediately to the office.

Pirini Motorcycle park offers free bike pick up if your motorcycle has broken down on the property, inform a rider and report to the office and we can assist.