About Us

The Pirini Motorbike Park was started by the Pirini family at the end of 2008. Both Trish and Francis’s sons, Blair and Jayson were riding at the time. Blair was riding 2 wheelers and Jayson was racing Quads. During the winter months the Pirini Motorcycle Park is a Dry Stock farm in which the whole family are responsible for maintaining and keeping the stock.

car-parkMotorcycling is an active sport involving motor vehicles and we keep a very close eye on the track and more particularly the Pit area as this is where a lot of smaller riders tend to congregate. Trish, better known as Camp Mum is quite passionate about the issue of speed in the pit/parking area and will freely share her view point with you if you think “walking pace” is anything other than riding in 1st Gear.

From the beginning of the 2012-13 ride seasons we have decided to have paramedic Craig McLaren on site for every Trail ride. He is paid by donations that the riders give at each ride at sign in time. Craig’s presence is greatly appreciated and don’t be afraid to say Hi and get to know him because he’s your best mate with things go wrong.

We like to encourage and support our local community where possible so every season we hold 1-2 charity rides for schools etc in the Pongakawa District.

The park has held National ATV events and is regularly used for training camps; please enquire if you would like to hire the venue/tracks.

The Park is situated approx 20min south of Tepuke on Pongakawa Bush Rd.